Athlete Service

With a nationwide reputation and just a single retail outlet, the struggle in managing on and offline sales was fast becoming an issue. The brand and business model was of a typical retailer and was looking tired and needed a refresh and a push forward.



Cafecreate utilised a retail tailored CMS install but that is just the start. A bespoke template structure was created to link on offline orders. The ability to track sales and inventory in real time meant a need for a bespoke responsive website which spoke to the stock control. Marketing promotion via social channels drove new customers to the site. Full integration of many cloud based services from; – Lead generation via Adwords – Customer Retention and database mailing integration – Customer feedback and reviews – Accounts & Stock control integration – On and offline digital payment gateway – Amazon and eBay store integrations


Increasing the sales order performance by integrating POS technology linked to the stock and accounts back-end of the website made stock control issues a thing of the past. It meant the directors of the business could now focus on product selection and strategic growth of the business based on a scalable operation.


Revitalised Brand

E-commerce Efficiency

Bolt on’s



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