EMI – Ana Free

Independent, different and genuine. Ana Free – 10 days, 1,000 miles, and just a guitar. No car, no support crew – no money…

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The Project

The thought? Ever feel the world is becoming over commercialised? That you are more accountable, controlled, restrained?

Sure we’re communicating like never before – does that mean we are more social? That we are closer? That our communities are better?

We wanted to create a movement, one that captured what people need/want/enjoy – friends, community, freedom, fun.

This was the chance to be part of something unique, something that could be shared with friends, something someone could be part of and not just watch – for 10 days music will be truly social.

We didn’t want fans to spend money to support Ana, she was going to play for free. We just needed people to give her a lift, bring an extra tent, capture the pictures and footage, do the barbecue. It was to be as good as it was created to be – and it was to be built together.

As the days pass, more people would join, the convoy would become longer, larger, the music louder, the attention greater.

Everyone would be part of it – this would not just be Ana’s journey, but the people’s movement – their tour, their fun, their summer of freedom.


A Big Idea 

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