We believed that Invesco’s outdoor advertising during Henley Regatta could work far harder for them in driving home their message around long term success in investing. Cafecreate devised a campaign which delivered a sense of fun, as well as clear message about Invesco’s approach – clever content.



What’s in a billboard? It’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves because with the large number of advertising messages competing in the OOH environment these days – combined with increasing sophistication (and skepticism) among passers-by – billboards have to work really hard to cut through and have any impact.

Which brings us nicely to Invesco Perpetual, which has historically devoted a good deal of its marketing spend to event sponsorship and community support. And, in its home town of Henley, this is in part evinced by the number of Invesco billboards at locations like Henley Cricket Club and Henley Rugby Club.

The company’s support of the Henley community also includes sponsorship of the Henley Festival (since 1983), and the Henley Women’s Regatta, together with significant funding for the town’s award-winning museum – the River & Rowing Museum.

However, here at Cafecreate, we can’t help speculating how much more Invesco Perpetual could be engaging members of the Henley community (not to mention the millions of tourists the town attracts every year) ….. and how much harder their prolific corporate sponsorship could work for them elsewhere.


We believe there’s an untapped opportunity for Invesco to forge a far stronger connection between its OOH presence (including its visual ID), and both its corporate positioning around ‘no short cuts to long-term investment success’, and its stated commitment to responsible corporate citizenship.



A Big Idea 

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