You have a truly unique, standout proposition – it’s clever, it’s different and it’s going to appear on stage at The Next Web, you’ve got only minutes – how do you get it all across? Step up Cafecreate.




100’s of tech firms crying for attention, killer apps, new software and all claiming to be different from the booth next door. We had to get PeerReach noticed; engage the crowd to deliver our content through a conversation and a fun interaction.


– Get attention
– Be understood
– Gain advocacy


We took The Next Web to the fairground. We used PeerReach’s technology to recreate a strong man test that the tech community could really play with – their influence score on Twitter – compared to each other. Type your name, hit the button and watch your score soar. Turns out they were quite a competitive bunch. Good news for PeerReach, they were the only stand never empty, everyone wanted to talk to the guys in yellow – hey they had fairground game.

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