Peter Jones

We worked with Peter Jones’ team to produce photography and promotional materials in order to add strength, credibility and personality to various brands he was backing. As a perfectionist Peter’s not always easy to please; great then that he felt we got it first time and engaged us again.



At Cafecreate we don’t have to be behind or change a brand in order to help optimise it. Having worked with sports personalities, well known profiles in finance and up and coming artists we were very keen to work with Peter Jones again in his promotion of start-ups that would be appearing on Dragons Den.


– To capture Peter Jones in order to highlight products to which he is offering support
– Provide post-editing services
– To ensure each shoot is inline with both Peter Jones’ profile and that of the business he is supporting


With trust and perception central to customer engagement, it is vital that your brand message is portrayed as accurate and authentic. Photography was key in ensuring these businesses were seen as relevant and approachable.


The various shoots delivered (in one take) photography which was used both online and in press for the various businesses and owners that Peter Jones was supporting and promoting.

About Peter Jones

Peter Jones, CBE is a British entrepreneur and businessman with interests in mobile phones, television, media, leisure and property.

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