Operating in a dynamic and fast paced industry, Reflex wanted to optimise their engagement opportunity by ensuring their event promotion got the response it deserved.



To deliver a branding concept for Reflex’s Technology. The messaging had to bridge the gap between highly, intelligent industry specialists and a brand which is pushing boundaries and driving forwards the AV market offering.


– Develop a look, feel and message which would allow Reflex to communicate the benefits of their Technology day to both customers and prospects
– To produce on and offline collateral to support the on and offline communications plan


Our solution took inspiration from the realm of icons. Icons and infographics are often used to simply illustrate technical and hard to understand information in a simple informative way. The icons selected also help to define the key areas of which the Technology Day make available to the industry. The design aimed to attract maximum attention with bold colours permeating throughout; whether it’s print or online, it commanded an audience, but with simple imagery, it was too overly authoritative.


A great uptake for the event and a successful day with both current and new customers showing active interest in Reflex’s new solutions.

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